Professional IT consulting at your service

About me

My aim is to increase the productivity of my clients through standardization as well as automation of their services. I use technology so as to help your business reach its optimization.

Why choose me

I have got years of experience supported by a track record of success as a business analyst in developing software for different projects in the public sector and insurance.

I am well trained in the world of computer science and have an IT masters coupled with excellent communication skills that will help me in negotiating great deals for your firm.

I have several years of experience as a project manager having worked in developing, designing and implementing various projects. Some of the projects I have implemented successfully include Keep-Link 2 and PFlow that have transformed the administrative aspects of Winterthur Insurance and Le Forem. While I was at the two firms, I was also the business analyst and I shaped the requirements and solutions for the businesses.

Apart from being a business analyst for your firm, some other benefits that you will accrue by hiring the services of my company include project manager, network security and also ICT consultant. I also have several technical skills that any business analyst that you need should have. Whether you need a person experienced and has expertise in programming, operating systems, and network technologies and working with the right tools and methodologies, I am that person. As a business analyst of your choice, I guarantee you quality services that will transform your business through the use of the right IT applications.

Whatever business deals you want to negotiate we shall ensure you get the best deals. With the command in four main languages such as Spanish, French, Dutch and English, we assure you that no negotiations are too complicated for my company.

What people say about me

Marie-France Gonissen

“Fabrice is both a very competent project manager, organized and efficient and a creative and empathetic designer. He could, in a difficult context, make the best use of technology to serve our specific needs.”